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Obere Laaser Alm alpine pasture hut

The Obere Laaser Alm alpine pasture hut is idyllically situated on 2047m at the foot of Laaser Ferner and far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Where else are simple South Tyrolean specialities more delicious?

We start our hike at the so-called Bremsberg from where we hike into the valley along the rails after a short glance into the inclined plane railway. We continue on the forest road directly below the entrance of the Weißwasserbruch quarry which you can again and again shorten by taking the red-white hiking paths. Having reached the Untere Laaser Alm alpine pasture hut we hike up rather steeply until we get to the alpine pastures of the Obere Laaser Alm alpine pasture hut where we get a friendly welcome from the landlord.
We take hiking path no. 14 for the descent to return to Bremsberg.

Gurgl gorge – Schrägbahnsteig path

We start at the campsite and hike to Tarnello bridge where hiking path no. 12a starts. It takes us through the Untertal valley along the brook bed to the Gurgl gorge which shows us the power of water that has formed the rocks of the gorge over the years. We cross the gorge on a small wooden bridge. We then continue on a narrow, steep hiking path through the forest until we reach a forest road. We hike into the valley until just below the marble quarry. We follow the old rails until the valley station of the inclined plane railway, the so-called Bremsberg, where we take the Schrägbahnsteig path to our starting point by following the way of the marble to the valley.

Göflaner Alm alpine pasture hut

This easy hike takes as from Obertarnell on hiking path no. 10 to the Göflaner Alm alpine pasture hut where you can not only enjoy fresh air but also South Tyrolean specialities. If you are still fit and would like to see more, you can follow the marble theme path to the so-called Mitterwandlbruch or extend your tour to Lake Covelano.
If you prefer something more demanding, you can directly start your tour in Lasa.

Lasa Sun Mountain – irrigation channel paths

We start at the campsite and hike through Lasa to the Loretzhöfe farms where we take an easy path to Alliz. We continue on the path along the bleak Sun Mountain until we reach the sports grounds of Corces. Here you have the possibility to walk through Corces to Silandro or to reach the irrigation channel paths after a short ascent. The Ilswaal and Zaalwaal irrigation channels both have running water and are thus a wonderful experience for adults and children alike. The St. Ägidius church and the St. Georg ruin are worth seeing along these paths as they will not only captivate you with their wonderful view.
Silandro’s pedestrian area awaits you for a stroll before you return to Lasa by train.

From Lasa to Tschenglsburg Castle

The so-called Herrensteig path starts at the entrance of the Lasa valley at Monte Tramontana. Slightly above Lasa, it first takes us to the inclined plane railway and then to the sulphur spring which was known as a healing spring many years ago. We pass by the former powder store and hike to Tschenglsburg Castle through meadows and forest.

Reflection trail to the church of St. Peter in Tanas

The reflection trail leads from Tanas at the Sun Mountain, a hamlet above Oris, to the church of St. Peter and offers a magnificent view of central Val Venosta and of the glaciers of the Ortles mountain group. It’s a nice trail for meditating and reflecting in the middle of an archaic landscape.

You can either reach Tanas by bus or take hiking paths no. 18 and 23. You can also choose path no. 21 as a variant for your descent which takes you to Oris. In Oris, you can either take the train or path no. 20 to return to Lasa.


We first hike to the Obere Laaser Alm alpine pasture hut with a wonderful view of the near glaciers. A steep path with serpentines behind the alpine pasture hut takes us to this beautiful panoramic peak. You can enjoy a fantastic view of the whole valley and marvel at the beautiful summit cross that was partially made of marble.


Passing by the alpine pasture hut, we hike into the valley on path no. 13 in southern direction towards Zay Joch. We turn right at the first fork (not towards Fernerhütte) and take the steeper path no. 5 up to the shepherd’s hut until we reach an alpine pasture with cup-marked stones. On our left, we can marvel at the glacier tongue of Ofenwandferner and at the summit cross of Großer Angelus. We then hike up through rocky terrain until we reach the fork at Tschenglser Scharte. Westwards, the route takes to Zay Joch, from where you can reach Solda. However, we continue northwards by following the cairns along the easy crest and then on stone and rock slabs until we reach the Taitschroi peak on 3139 m with a marvellous panoramic view of nearly all of Val Venosta.


We start at Obertarnell and follow path no. 10 to the Göflaner Alm alpine pasture hut. There is a signpost opposite the alpine pasture hut that takes us to path no. 3 towards Lake Covelano. We then get to the imposing Covelano marble quarry. We continue through scree between Jennwand and Hörnele and then go up to rocks secured with steel ropes (please pay attention!). We continue through boulders and scree in southern direction until we reach the wind gap with a view of Lake Covelano on 2534m. At the lake, we keep right (westwards) and ascend (tracks) towards the wind gap between Jennwand and Laaser Spitze. The grassy slope is becoming steeper and steeper in the upper part. From the wind gap with a wonderful view of the Lasa valley we ascend northwards through steep scree to the peak. Enjoy the great panoramic view!